Block 1: Day School Courses

The following Day School Courses are available at the Bracebridge, Huntsville and Lindsay Adult & Alternate Education Centres for Block 1 starting September 7, 2022.


CGR4E – Living in a Sustainable World (Grade 12 Workplace)

This course examines the impact of human activity on the natural environment. Students will explore the use of natural spaces and resources and the effects of planning decisions and consumer choices on natural systems. Students will apply the concepts of geographic thinking and the geographic inquiry process, including spatial technologies, to investigate practical solutions to environmental issues, enabling them to make more sustainable decisions at home, in the workplace, and in the local community.
Prerequisite: Issues in Canadian Geography, Grade 9, Academic or Applied


AVI3O – Visual Arts (Grade 11 Open)

This course focuses on studio activities in one or more of the visual arts, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, collage, and/or multimedia art. Students will use the creative process to create art works that reflect a wide range of subjects and will evaluate works using the critical analysis process. Students will also explore works of art within a personal, contemporary, historical, and cultural context.

AVI4E – Visual Arts (Grade 12 Workplace)

This course focuses on a practical approach to a variety of art and design projects related to the workplace. Students will use the creative process to produce a traditional and/or digital portfolio of their work in a variety of media. Students may focus on various aspects of visual arts, including advertising, ceramics, fashion design, graphic arts, jewellery design, and/or web design.
Prerequisite: Visual Arts, Grade 11, Open


HPC3O – Raising Healthy Children (Grade 11 Open)

This course focuses on the skills and knowledge parents, guardians, and caregivers need, with particular emphasis on maternal health, pregnancy, birth, and the early years of human development (birth to six years old). Through study and practical experience, students will learn how to meet the developmental needs of young children, communicate with them, and effectively guide their early behaviour. Students will develop their research skills through investigations related to caregiving and child rearing.