Faculty & Staff


Name Position Telephone Email
Lisa Uuldriks Principal 705-324-5280 [email protected]
Liz Vandenberg Admin Head – BAAEC 705-645-2646 [email protected]
Warren Kimble Admin Head – FAAEC 705-887-3083 [email protected]
Jim Lawrence Acting Admin Head – GAAEC 705-687-5422 [email protected]
Lori Sargent Admin Head – HAAEC 705-457-3745 [email protected]
Kimberly Fairhall Admin Head – HuAAEC 705-789-4756 [email protected]
Kelly Connell Admin Head – LAAEC 705-324-5280 [email protected]


Name Position Location Telephone
Louise Clodd Chair Gravenhurst, Muskoka Lakes, Georgian Bay 705-769-2242
Bruce Reain Vice-Chair Huntsville, Lake of Bays 705-788-0102
Stephen Binstock Trustee Town of Bracebridge 705-644-3783
Don Alton Trustee City of Kawartha Lakes Wards 1, 4, 8 705-438-3656
John Byrne Trustee City of Kawartha Lakes Wards 2, 3, 6, 7 705-879-9203
David Morrison Trustee City of Kawartha Lakes Wards 5, 9, 11 705-879-8475
Judy Saunders Trustee City of Kawartha Lakes Wards 13, 14, 15 705-799-5389
Colleen Wilcox Trustee City of Kawartha Lakes Wards 10, 12, 16 705-340-8977
Gary Brohman Trustee County of Haliburton 705-457-2143


Name Position Telephone Email
Jennifer Barrett Office Administrator 705-324-5280 ext. 38011 [email protected]
Sara Miller Secretary – LAAEC 705-324-5280 ext. 38010 [email protected]
Janice Moore Secretary – BAAEC 705-687-5422 [email protected]
Julie Masters Secretary – FAAEC 705-887-3083 [email protected]
Allie Dennis Secretary – GAAEC 705-887-3083 [email protected]
Kathy Hicks Secretary – HAAEC 705-457-3745 [email protected]
Jackie Sheridan Secretary – HuAAEC 705-789-4764 [email protected]
Stephanie Conkie AAEC Program Officer 705-324-4795 [email protected]
Allyssa Handley Literacy Basic Skills 705-324-1564 [email protected]
Stefani Burosche Student Services 705-324-5280 [email protected]


Name Location Telephone Email
Liz Vandenberg Bracebridge 705-645-2646 [email protected]
Graham Henderson Bracebridge 705-645-2646 [email protected]
Heather Spurling Bracebridge 705-645-2646 [email protected]
Warren Kimble Fenelon Falls 705-887-3083 [email protected]
Jim Lawrence Gravenhurst 705-687-5422 [email protected]
Lori Sargent Haliburton 705-457-3745 [email protected]
Greg Shantz Haliburton 705-457-3745 [email protected]
Kimberly Fairhall Huntsville 705-789-4764 [email protected]
Katie Albisser Huntsville 705-789-4764 [email protected]
Joshua McCormick Huntsville 705-789-4764 [email protected]
Kelly Connell Lindsay 705-324-5280 [email protected]
Amy Baxendale Lindsay 705-324-5280 [email protected]
Steve Hayman Lindsay 705-324-5280 [email protected]
Kathy Kovacs Lindsay 705-324-5280 [email protected]
Greg Neumann Lindsay 705-324-5280 [email protected]
Mark Plumley Lindsay 705-324-5280 [email protected]

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