Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education program allows students aged 16 and over to earn high school credits towards their high school diploma. Students who are employed in a paid position or gaining experience in an unpaid position are eligible to earn one credit for every 110 hours of work. Co-operative Education runs from September to June each year and is broken into six-week block sessions.


There are three options to register for Co-operative Education:

  • Call Your Local AAEC Centre to set up an appointment;
  • Walk-In Registrations. Our continuous intake process means that you can register at any time!
  • Fill out the Online Registration Form and a representative will be in touch with you.

What You’ll Need

Bring the following paperwork and documentation:

  • Proof of Citizenship (i.e. Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, etc.)
  • Photo Identification (Driver’s License, Health Card, etc.)
  • Original Transcript From Your Previous School. We can help you get a copy if you are unable!

Course Availability

The Co-operative Education program is operational on continuous intake, which means that students can start a course at any time between September and June. Co-operative Education is available at all six of our locations.