Night School

Night School is available for students aged 16 and over who are unable to attend classes during the day and provides a pathway to graduation. Currently, the only Night School course available is Co-operative Education. Registration for Night School is offered twice a year (once a semester) and is only offered at the Huntsville and Lindsay Adult & Alternate Education Centres. It is important to note that Night School will only run if there are sufficient registration numbers.


There are three options to register for the Night School program:

What You’ll Need

Bring the following paperwork and documentation:

  • Proof of Citizenship (i.e. Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, etc.)
  • Photo Identification (Driver’s License, Health Card, etc.)
  • $25 Student Activity Fee
  • Original Transcript From Your Previous School. We can help you get a copy if you are unable!

Course Availability

Night School is only available at the Huntsville and Lindsay Adult & Alternate Education Centres.

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Night School Cooperative Education Program
Do you have a job? Do you want to earn a credit for doing your job? Paid or unpaid, earn a credit for doing a job which interests you!

Dates: September, 2020 to January 2021
Credit Requirements: 110 Hours

The Course is divided into 3 parts:
Part 1: Pre-Placement
There are 10 required pre-placement hours. This is done through an online Live Meeting format, and Google Classroom. There will be a minimum of 3 classes you MUST attend via the online format. You will obtain and complete the required paperwork for the course. You will be taught employment practices and standards.
Part 2: Hours
You must log 100 hours at your placement. You can track your hours through log sheets or by submitting paystubs with your hours to your teacher.
Part 3: Culminating
You will complete a culminating assignment to complete your credit. There are several options available to choose from to suit your learning style.

To Re-cap what you MUST do to obtain the credit:

  • Attend 3 pre-placement classes online
  • Access Google Classroom for assignments and resources
  • Submit pre-placement paperwork: WEA, WHMIS, resume, cover letter, etc.
  • Submit log-sheets or pay-stubs totaling 100 hours
  • Submit a culminating assignment