Literacy Basic Skills

The Adult & Alternate Education Centre offers the Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) program, which helps in Ontario to develop and apply communication, numeracy, interpersonal and digital skills to achieve their goals.

LBS encourages adults to further their education, become employment ready and gain independence.

To be eligible for LBS, students must be at least 19 years of age.

LBS Advantages

  • Supportive Learning Environment

  • Work at Your Own Pace

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Small Group Setting with Individual Support

  • Continuous Intake Lets You Start at Any Time!

Further Your Education

  • Improve your reading, writing and mathematics skills;
  • Preparation for and referral to high school credit, college or apprenticeship programs.

Employment Ready

  • Learn workplace numeracy skills, such as filling out invoices and calculating taxes;
  • Learn how to read and write documents, such as job applications, memos and invoices;
  • Gain job readiness skills, such as preparing cover letters, resumes and computer experience.

Gain Independence

  • Learn basic numeracy skills, such as budgeting, money skills and more;
  • Develop communication skills such as writing a memo or an email;
  • Improve reading and writing skills so that you can help support your children’s education.

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