How Do I Apply?


There are three options for students to register with the Adult & Alternate Education Centre: Call Your Local AAEC Centre to set up an appointment; Walk-In Registrations. Our continuous intake process means that you can register at any time! Fill out the Online Registration Form and a representative will be in touch with you.

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When Can I Register for Courses?


Students can register for Day School courses starting in late August of each school year. However, since we do have a continuous intake process, students are also able to register for additional block courses at any time throughout the school year.

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Can I Start Courses Anytime?


The Adult & Alternate Education Centre operates on a six block schedule for Day School courses throughout the year. Students are encouraged to register for individual courses before each block starts. However, we do offer a continuous intake process, which allows students to register for other programs such as Online Courses, REAL and Co-operative Education at any time between September and June.

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What Do I Need to Register?


Students should bring the following paperwork and documentation for registration: Proof of Citizenship (i.e. Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, etc.) Photo Identification (Driver’s License, Health Card, etc.) Original Transcript From Your Previous School. We can help you get a copy if you are unable!

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Can I Get My GED?


No. At the Adult & Alternate Education Centre, all of our credit courses go towards completing your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

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How Do I Know If I Qualify for PLAR or Maturity Credits?


To be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR), students must: Turning 18 years old on or after January 1st of the school year; and Enrolled in a secondary school credit program for the purpose of obtaining an OSSD. The Maturity Credits program is for students who entered high school prior to September 1999. Students may be eligible to receive up to 12 equivalency credits from their work and life experience since leaving high school. A mature student must still complete a minimum of four Grade 11 or Grade 12 credits after becoming a mature student. These credits must include a [...]

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