Bracebridge AETC Teacher, Liz Vandenberg, believes everyone can create beautiful art, and the wonderful works produced by her students proves just that. Liz runs a studio based course which teaches the basic art principles, and encourages students to leave their comfort zone through the creation of large-scale pieces. The course begins with graphite, watercolour, and acrylic painting. Next, students work on a found art sculpture where they take something they have discovered at home, in nature or elsewhere, and incorporate it into a sculptural representation. Students are exposed to mixed media and also generate a legacy piece which will remain and be displayed at their school.

Those who have little art experience are encouraged to take the course. Once students have had success and see their capabilities they will often take another art credit. All of the AETC students work on one high school credit at a time and day school courses last for 6 weeks, allowing the students to immerse themselves completely in their projects. Often the students stay well beyond their school day, as a small art community is created through their emerging interest and passion for their work. There is a personal openness in this tight knit group which is therapeutic in nature and highly reflective on a personal level.

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