Block 6: Day School Courses

The following Day School Courses are available at the Lindsay Adult & Alternate Education Centres for Block 6 starting May 17, 2022.


HFL4E – Food and Healthy Living (Grade 12 Workplace)

This course focuses on the fundamental food needs of young adults. Students will learn how to stock a kitchen, make nutritious food choices, and accommodate the food needs of others. Through a range of practical experiences, they will develop skills needed in food preparation for personal use and for employment in the food industry. They will also learn about dining etiquette in different contexts and about responsible consumer practices. Students will use social science research methods to investigate issues related to food preparation and nutrition.

TGJ3O – Communication Technology: Broadcast & Print Production (Grade 11 Open)

This course examines communications systems and design and production processes in one or more of the areas of electronic, live, and graphic communications. Students will learn how basic communication systems function and will develop the knowledge and skills needed to assemble, repair, maintain, and test various systems. Students will also study industry standards and regulations and health and safety issues, and will explore careers, the importance of lifelong learning, and the impact of communications technology on society and the environment. Projects include desktop publishing, video production, animation, video and sound editing, electronics, web page design, and computer construction.