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Maturity Credits Brochure
Maturity Credits Fact Sheet

Maturity Credits 


Continuous entry throughout the school year.

Call to book an appointment or drop into any AETC Centre to speak with a counsellor.


  • Students who entered grade 9 prior to September 1999, may be eligible.


Maturity credits may be awarded to students who are registered at one of our Alternate Education and Training Centres (AETC), up to a maximum of 12 credits.  Students must take a minimum of four credits to receive maturity credits.

In some cases, a student may only be required to take four courses to graduate, due to the awarding of maturity credits.

An administrator at your local AETC will meet with you to determine if you qualify for maturity credits.

What You’ll Need

  • An up-to-date resume; and
  • Proof of any form of education that you have been involved in since leaving high school.

Contact Us

Contact your local AETC for information on maturity credits, and to book and appointment to register!

Course Availability

Please click on the Alternate Education Training Centre to see current course availability for maturity credit options.

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